Nice flowers

- Flowers. I see flowers everywhere.

- It is sick.

- Not! It saves me. It keeps you alive.

- It is sick.

- Not at all!...

It is this insane dialogue that accompanies me every day. But it is the flowers that drive me. Cursed gift from fate.

I want to touch everything. I`m looking for. Sometimes I jump from flower to flower in panic. Make flowers out of shit? No problem.


- I do not know what I want. Hmm... I know. Beautiful! In everything . 

- But you can`t do everything . 

- Huh! I`ll try.


This is how I create chaos. Creative I think. I try my strength and feel bad about it, although timidly getting better. I am getting used to every day. A lot of them are bloody days. But I keep doing my job. Whatever it means.


To sum up: I love flowers, although I don`t know anything about them. It`s just a symbol. I create because it is the only thing that gives me joy. I play with macrame, Italian crepe, salt dough, papier mache, I love to do something with the so-called garbage - unidentified creations of the imagination. And sometimes I will paint something.

I create w  the rule still for anyone, but I believe that someday this- let`s say multipassion- will find its target.

Meanwhile, I keep creating. Whatever it means...


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