Do not go where the path may lead, go instead

where there is no path

and leave

a trail

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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MONIKA lidke
CARMONN french
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In a year of uncertainty, I’m so happy to say that I achieved something that has made me proud. Last month, I put on my second exhibition, THREAD. While on one level, I am glad it’s over, I also learned so much from it and the experience still hasn’t left my mind. COVID didn’t actually affect the painting process so much. It did make for a stricter opening night, but it mainly just manifested a giant urge in me to get something out.

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Carmonn French has more creativity in the left nail than most of us throughout our lives! Her paintings are excellent; colorful, delicate and beautiful. Canalises French elegance. I just love her job.

-Sonya Furlong, client


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fourth son shop.jpg


Quite differently to my last exhibition ‘100 Faces’, which had a broader meaning, THREAD was entirely focused on one individual. It was a challenge but it was a great experiment to really try and tie a particular story together through my artworks.

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fourth son shop.jpg


While some of the bigger pieces were very emotionally fuelled, a lot of the smaller pieces were done without thinking too hard about them. Interestingly, I found that the pieces that I was less emotionally attached to actually sold a lot quicker. This taught me to let go of the process, to stop trying to make them look too ‘professional’. Of course I still wanted them to be perfect:)


Next year, next show. What's next? 
I'll be painting a new collection that will be held at Parliament House in Sydney next year June 2021.


Much love and colour. 
Love always

Carmonn French 

The exhibition took place in October 2020, at Gallery 371, Marrickville, Australia

SYLWIA lakoma

A graduate of the University of Bydgoszcz, but also a graduate of an architecture school, where under the supervision of, among others, professors from the Gdańsk University of Technology, she perfected painting and drawing.

In the years 1995-2001 she took up poetry. Her works debuted in the Anthology of Poetry of Young Creators Warsaw.


S he is dealing with photography since 2008 and her achievements, among others, is second place in Portrait and award for Salon in international photographic competitions. Exhibitions of her works were also held in Poland, including in Gdańsk.

Eventually, she settled in Bristol, where from 2011 to 2014 she took part in four Art MEETING exhibitions. She exhibited her works during two independent editions at the Centrespase Gallery, and in a solo exhibition at The Grant Bradley in 2013.

Photography became her way of sharing imagination, the intimate dialogue with the viewer. Her works are full of emotions, poetics and nostalgia. You can find there both portraits, landscapes, as well as reportage and street photos. However, she herself admits that in photography she is most interested inpeople and form.

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Word and image - this is my artistic form of expressing sensitivity based on experiences, observations of the world, people and life. Currently, I am fulfilling the role of a mother. I believe that this is the greatest experience so far.

- S ylwia L akoma

Separate GHOSTS

Debut! Wojciech Muszyński and Eligiusz Buczyński in a duo decided to present contemporary literature on YouTube. In every two-week cycle of podcasts, enthusiasts of speech and education and passion lead through the noteworthy titles of publishings, enriching the entirety with dialogue. Philologist-philosopher and culture expert-librarian versus the literary world to which they have wide access. The only limitation can be pickiness.