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Let's get to know each other


You are in the creation zone . Simple. There is nothing complicated here, as there is usually nothing complicated in creating. Oh, 11th commandment of the code of behavior-   Go and be a creator as I am . Simple, you will admit.  Then we go. We also have a lot of satisfaction from the fact that we  can provide you with entertainment and professional services . The reason is always the same - because we want, because we know how, because we can! We are sensitive nihilists, neophytes of word, sound and image, an ardents of emotions,  pragmatic idealists and amateurs of everyday things. Because everyday life is of the highest order. Just like us.

We share the tasty words and give out loaves of experience.  Take as much of us as you can from everyday bread. Why? Because you can!




NOTE: Composition of Fourth Son Project:


  • gluten free

  • contains low sugar content

  • it contains the salt of this earth

  • it contains ecological means to transform matter into emotions

  • energy value measured in quantum skills

  • do not hesitate to eat, at all

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