Under the cover of peace, a volcano of creativity, getting drunk with tea and sentiment to the past.

I do not complicate, everything simple is best

Less means more.

In every way.

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B eginning

It started in childhood, always a sheet of paper, crayons, pencil. After Mama, she painted beautifully. Combine points in a drawing, in the newspaper. Found postcards with Nikifor's paintings. Children's fascination with colors, buildings and light. Then, just more. Inventing notebooks-albums, diaries with collages, drawings and poems. Painting that has become a passion over time.


D evelopment

Sightseeing, exploring, understanding. The first youth exhibition and opening.


Then silence, break, downtime. Life, devoting time to lovely little kids.


One day a painting was made, sunflowers, for a gift. And what I once loved came back, but gradually, because the time was not the best. A head full of other topics. But I already knew that I would come back to painting.


A bstracts

Friends, common topics and a return to painting, but definitely different. Big formats and abstractions out of your head, because there was a lot of abstract thoughts. Colors or no colors. It was so passionate that even if I fell on my face, I painted. I lived like most of what is here and now, but I had my own little-big world that at night, among children's breaths behind the wall, gave me time to reset. What landed in the painting was the result of the past and the present.



Cardboard, newspaper, charcoal. I started to create collages and to be fascinated by damaged recycled paper for my works.

Pandemic and the tea bag.

A strange, difficult time, uncertainty. The interior was looking for an outlet, for being thrown outside. And when this is so, it must be already, not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Temporary lack of free canvas, cardboard... And while drinking another tea, I decided that you can paint on everything, so why not? It turned out that the very preparation of the bag requires great concentration and patience, which was an amazing springboard for the mind thinking too much. The tea stains gave character to the past time. Stained, distorted, imperfect paper, almost the kind you find in your great-grandmother's long-forgotten chest of drawers. I was so enchanted by this tea paper that I switched from great abstractions to miniatures, full of details and details. Preparing the bag is a ritual.

It inspires what is around, what is in the heart, a random person, a good and bad word, light flickering from behind a curtain, memories, childhood, travels, relatives and strangers. Everyday situations and unusual shots in your head. This and more. So let it go out into the world, let it show that there are no age, time or life limits. Passion stays forever.  And even if... it would come back anyway.

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Simplicity is the pinnacle of sublime

- L eonardo da V inci