C loser

Well, I do not know what to write to these photos.  

There was no theme or idea, I just sat down and did it once. I actually translate some of my Instagram posts into pictures.


I am scribbling something all the time, I will write a few short stories, a few jokes.  I make "objects" - let's call them so - for people to order, so that they have more interesting apartments, not necessarily only large TV sets on the walls. I'm also working on it right now :)

All of this for the nation.

I drop the topic,  just like these pictures and then everything is up to you.


I am most interested in what is happening without my participation. What are you writing, what is your interpretation.  It's extremely interesting because it's usually a different view from mine.  


I am still between the word and the image.

Let it finally tilt to one side;)


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