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"A Victorian house has its charm. Of course, for those who love history and art and for those who can turn a blind eye to the imperfections and disadvantages of living in such a building.

The first mention of the walls of the house in which I live comes from 1877, which means that it is older than it seems. It does not attract attention from the outside. It creates a sequence of buildings called detached houseshas a simple shape, like a concrete shelter. And maybe that`s why I gave it the name Betoniak, referring to its external form, but also to its destiny, which is creating a shelter and giving the impression of an inaccessible place. 

The feeling it gives from the outside absolutely changes when you turn the key in the lock and open the door. The stuccoes running along the ceilings, the rosette in the dining room, recesses with arcaded arches and an indentation on the walk-through wall between the dining room and the living room are delightful.






Today I invite you to the living room, based on a rustic style, where the main theme is wood and metal. It all started with a fireplace that was renovated by the previous owner. A huge wooden beam above the hearth and cast iron appliances asked for continuation. So I added solid wood furniture with cast iron fittings. Then came the details, wooden elephant sculptures, figurines from Africa and Thailand, a large screen from Kashmir. The raw style has turned into a cozy interior, the charm of which is especially appreciated in winter. Wood, fireplace, sheepskin and the romantic light of the lamps make you want to stay here forever.  

I have a passion for matter, for color, form, shape and texture. I create interiors where visual and tactile sensations are combined, where you can not only see but also feel something on your skin. You can smell incense or essential oils, you can taste your food. It is a journey into matter using all your senses. I also have a passion for recycling, I rarely buy something new. Rather, I give new life to what for many people is old, unfashionable, useless. All decorations are second-hand, purchased in charity stores, bazaars, carboots and at the fencing marketplace. Many things have been repainted by me to match the color of the walls, such as a tall,   decorative table and lamp in the shape of a woman with an umbrella. It is a journey into matter that stimulates the spiritual dimension.

And so the story of the old house is intertwined with mine, creating a story full of different elements. So we have eclecticism, mosaic, collage again. An interior where not only the past and the present form one, but also the senses, spirit and matter meet in balance and mutual recognition. "


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projekt graficzny:KoKoKontent

projekt graficzny:KoKoKontent