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A graduate of the University of Wrocław and the WSB University. An ecologist, educator and marketer by education. A down-to-earth dreamer who decided to give in to these dreams and live according to her own scenario. In her private life, a happy married woman, mother of the resolute Matilda, and on the professional set an independent writer and author of the publication "Loop, birth" and "Written stories with light and dark". A lover of nature and wise words, in love with the landscapes of the far North. Hedonist and traveler.

“Innocent and demonic, domineering and untamed. Nice, not at all nice. Erotic. "

Blogger and columnist. The owner of the author's website

Selfpublisher, product manager, marketer. Planner and distributor. Freelance writer.
Magdalena Ojrzyńska, a woman on the verge of realism and magic, in an interview for the Fourth Son platform.


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FS: Let's start with your first book, Loop, Birth. The author's website reads that “The Loop is a multi-threaded novel, which is a combination of several intertwining genres. It is best to qualify it as "magical realism." “What exactly characterizes the genre called magical realism and how did it happen that you found the right framework for your work there?

MO : A very good question, because the issue of the genre qualification of my work is quite interesting :) First, I wrote "Loops", and only later, for the publishing process, I closed it within the genre.
But in reality there is no such thing as a matter of chance, and it turned out very quickly that magical realism suited me perfectly. It resonates with my imagination and the space with me in general. So natural for me, even intuitive, I move very freely in it. Additionally, if one has to submit to nomenclature, then "magic realism" is perfect for closing my words in the definition.
First, the genre itself is not clear and obvious. It has some features that can be explained, and I think they are the most relevant to the way I write and what I am writing about. Magically real texts are often based on

multidimensionality. They can be highly poetic, metaphorical, rich in stylistic means. In them the extraordinary disguises the measures of the ordinariness, the elements beyond the natural do not contradict logic. Magic realism connects the external elements of human existence with the internal. Such texts open up a large space for interpretation and, depending on the imagination and maturity of the reader, they can be read and understood in different ways. More indeed, if someone has a rich and developed inner world. Or more unrealistic if someone finds it too difficult to go deep into the text.

For me, magical realism is a space of highly emotional, even existential texts. It is a fusion between the scientific physicality of reality and the psychological human reality. Time does not exist here, the plot does not have to flow linearly, the endings are not unambiguous. The texts concentrate strongly around feelings and experiences. And most importantly - the style is characterized by unconventional spelling. It is far from literalism with which I, as an author, do not identify myself at all.


FS: The loop gathered very favorable reviews and fell in love with the female instosphere and blogosphere. It is recommended by Katarzyna Ewa Górka and Monika Kudryk, among others. Invariably, we read about extraordinary consistency, an interesting, intricate plot, insufficient content and many aspects that magnetically transfer you to your imaginary world - in scenery or in written language. Readers mention that they feel genuinely hungry when reading culinary descriptions, or even physically move to scenery painted with your pen and imagination. What do you think is the Loop phenomenon?
MO: Oh, thank you for those words. I'm not sure if I can talk about the phenomenon in the context of The Loop, but of course I wish this book would become a phenomenon. Well, here, apart from quality, you just need the outreach, it is very possible that it could use a phenomenal one;)
But back to the question. What I observe is the fact that this book has to hit "its" reader. Someone who approaches it with their heart will not be afraid to face this book, to enter it. Read it not only page by page, but also between words. Take the time to think about it and try what I call "looping". In fact, arranging the purposefully scattered elements into a coherent picture. A bit like a kaleidoscope. If this happens, the Loop can actually become a space in which the reader will feel good and be captivated by it. The Loop is a book written with the heart against the tide. I did not write it, because this is the fashion, because it will sell and it pays off now. It is a bit of a system gap. It is not a ready-made tool that you skim over, but a framework to activate your imagination. If anyone sees it, I believe they will love this book.


FS: By observing your social media accounts or visiting the author's website, we discover a woman immersed in an unusual climate of reflection and passion, unreality and wizardry. "Fairy-tale, real, magical, ordinary" - a quote from your publication probably best reflects the aura that surrounds you. An aura that brings to mind  witches known to all of us from European folklore. There is undoubtedly consistency in the entirety of creativity and image, and following this path I would like to ask, do you believe in the presence of magic in everyday life in the 21st century? The question may not be on the tendentious shelf, but you are not tendentious person either :)

MO : That's just what I am. Always and forever. People who know me sometimes say: Magda damn it has been so many years and you haven't changed anything. I am talking about this really magical aura and some kind of my inner maturity. However, I would not call myself a witch. I don't define myself that way, I don't even try to be that way. There are people who perceive themselves in this way, move in this area, explore it. Good, but that's not my space. I am what I am. If magic is in me, it is because I was born like this;) For me, the world is magical, life is magical, every moment we experience is a miracle. Magic is in all of us, and the real magic for me is what is actually present, not just any witchcraft. On the other hand, I am certainly a conscious woman with knowledge, a lot of intuition, the ability to observe and a great deal of empathy. I often think that they allow me to write this and no other way. I don't have to experience everything to feel it. Sometimes it is enough for me to look at someone to be able to put myself in "practice" in an unknown state.

FS: You are a self publisher. Recently, your second publication appeared, Opowieści światem i mokiem pisane. You could say that you are consistently following an independent track. Aleksander Sowa, who even bit through Polish self-publishing to finally settle in the lap of the Lira publishing house, in an interview for FS states: “There are many risks in independent publishing. This is just a seemingly easier publishing route. After all, if it were otherwise, most authors would choose the seemingly easier one, giving more freedom and a more lucrative path of independence, right? Meanwhile, it is different. Self-publishing is good for informed authors, preferably with experience and a target group (e.g. youtubers, vloggers).“ How do you view the pros and cons of self-publishing based on your experience?

MO: Of course, I agree with these words. Self-publishing is absolutely not an easy path, at least if it is done at a high level. The book as a creation is not a one man show. And a freelance writer actually has a much harder time, because not only does he have to write a book, but also coordinate the full publishing process, promotion and sales.
For me as a freelance writer, this path was the obvious choice. But I did a detailed analysis of the possibility and what the publishers release before. I weighed the pros and cons. Although, from the perspective, I know that I did not anticipate some issues. However, I am well aware of the fact that if I do not build a group of readers myself, I will not exist as an author, then no one will risk publishing me due to my specificity. In my case, it is the niche of the genre that comes to the difficulties of self-publisher. When deciding to publish my first book, I decided that I would be faithful to myself from the very beginning. Either you can defend my written word or not. This is a conscious risk I took in writing difficult and unknown magic realism. From the publishing house, editors cooperating with publishing houses, I had suggestions to write something more common, but would it be the path of my dream then? Regardless of whether I could write something obvious :)
A bit of a joke through gritted teeth, because of course I am notoriously bouncing off the walls of reality, airtightness. Maybe I will not elaborate on it in detail, but I heard these words of my time: Mrs. Magda, I cannot deny your talent and quality, which often exceeds the publishing one. But it's not about the quality of the literature, it's about Excel, which has to match. You are simply not profitable for large distributors.
Reading opinion-forming websites do not promote objective quality either, but only what they are paid for. It is not specifically about me, but about so-called politics. As an independent author, I will not even commercially exist there, because these are the rules, probably having their source in Excel. These are additional problems that the self-publisher has to deal with. The sales market, range and the fact that the vast majority of people who might be in favor will be against. But with the pluses, which are also challenges, the freelance writer has complete freedom of choice and decision at every stage of the book's production. Also, and perhaps most importantly, it decides what quality it will sell and how it will do it.





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Eight different stories, seemingly independent stories that are intertwined with each other between words. Various states of consciousness and emotions wandering between light and dark.


You need imagination to create such a book. So is the talent for creating stories that have many dimensions, hidden much, and more than the bottom. Each story in this collection has more than one layer. Each one introduces a different atmosphere. Each emphasizes something different. Each one puts the reader in a different mood and evokes different emotions.

Katarzyna Ewa Gorka, @katherine_the_bookworm

FS: Let's stop at a moment over the publishing process - what does selfpublishing look like and how long does it take from behind the scenes?
MO : I suspect the same amount or even longer than in the publishing house. I am not writing about the process of writing a book because it is an individual matter. I wrote The loop for several years, Stories less than a year. But before a book is ready, we have a full text process. Editing, proofreading, author's proofreading. Completion of various formalities, cover design issues, all typography, composition preparation, printing. Depending on experience and how demanding the material is, the time may vary. It is necessary to plan the next steps and to coordinate several elements. I think that the publishing process may last from several weeks to even several months. A lot also depends on external factors and the availability of colleagues. Although, as I mentioned, it is also a matter of planning activities in advance, and not at the last minute of improvisation.

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The Korhorn family moves to a settlement located far to the north. A new home and a distant land are meant to be a place for them to find peace, re-arrange their world and forget about the painful past. However, it soon turns out that not everything is as it seems.
It's a story about a search. Searching for the roots and the truth about yourself. A story of a place and people who are connected to each other regardless of their will. A story of difficult experiences and choices. Outside of time, outside of the space that recreates like a Loop.
Birth is the story of a mother and a child who, although born, never really lived, to finally be born, had to die.


Pętla. Narodziny is a one-of-a-kind, timeless, amazing style flowing like a river, word for word, sentence by sentence as if pictures ...
I have read and I am still reading, although I have the impression that the book is starting to read me ...
I recommend it is really worth it!

manwithfog, Lubimyczytać.pl





FS: I am convinced that many people are bothered by the uncomfortable asking question: is self-publication financially profitable in Poland?

MO :   I can only answer this question from my own perspective. At the moment, the books costs did not paz off, for me it is still an investment. You have to take into account that the costs of preparing a book for printing and printing itself are not small amounts of money. I'm not talking anymore about the time you spend writing, which of course is invaluable. Additional costs are marketing, promotion. Each advertisement costs, and the cost of acquiring an individual reader often exceeds the cost of not only producing, but also the final selling price of one book.

FS: You persistently and consistently build your own empire, turning your dreams into a real professional career. However, you haven't always been in this place. In the column for you mention the life you used to lead - life on the ladder to success, a warm job and the already well-known rat race. You also state that "In my case, the turning point in which I started searching for myself came when I became a mother." Breakthrough moments cheer for life changes and become the beginning of new paths. Tell about your breakthrough, about your way.

MO: Oh my, I take these words, write them down and stick them on a piece of paper next to the mirror. Every day I will smile at them and repeat myself - Let it become an empire;)
You know, writing has always been my dream. If you had asked Magda twenty years ago - what would she like to do in life, but really do, from the heart, what plays in her soul - then she would have answered without hesitation; write books. But then Magda was afraid, she was not aware enough, she was not mature enough, or maybe she just could not afford certain decisions. And then reality came. Study, work. Everything started to fall into place nicely. These were also my conscious choices, momentary dreams at that moment. And indeed I climbed the career ladder, not spectacularly high of course. Certainly those where humanity was still in force. Well, years passed, everything changed and only for me somehow these changes ceased to be on the way. At some point I looked around and I started to feel a void, even some inner tear. It did, of course, coincide with my motherhood a bit. Because the period of withdrawing from professional life and then returning to it is not easy. But I came back, but it quickly turned out that I was not comfortable with it. I no longer wanted to waste myself, act, develop and climb the career ladder at the cost  of my child, husband, us as a family. It was a very nervous time for me, but I'm glad that I came back, because only thanks to this I made a conscious decision to withdraw. If it weren't for that, maybe now I would be wondering if I did the right thing. Because you know, it's not loke "cheeky optimism" and life changes goes easy. There is always something at the cost of something. However, it was a joint decision between me and my husband, we simply could afford this step. I analyzed my priorities and consciously gave up the source of my regular income. I focused on family, development and passion. Investing your time, money and nerves in it. I know not everyone understands this. It may be a matter of more confidence or maybe less emotionality, but it really isn't easy being your own marketing product.

FS : You have very good contacts with the audience of your works. There are a lot of people who are sympathetic to you on your social media accounts, and you are repaying yourself with kindness and genuine commitment. How important is the relationship between the author and the reader to you and does it influence your writing steps?
MO : As an author, the relationship with the readers is very important for me. The kindness I receive, messages and words of support that reach me about my work. I appreciate it very much. And I greatly respect my readers for being able to trust me, believe in me. And most importantly, there are so many who want to come back to me for more books.
In fact, a book only becomes meaningful in the hands of the reader, because someone wants to read it. It is invaluable to me. The fact that there are more and more people who value me as an author.
It is true that I have a very individual approach to the reader. On the one hand, because of the chosen path and the fact that every book I send actually goes through my hands. On the other hand, with the scale of operation still so limited, I know many readers.
Regarding this influence, I recently talked about it during one of the interviews. I wrote The loop before I became an author. I appeared on social media for this book. I was inspired to write The Tales by my readers. In this book, you can find traces of texts that convinced people to me. And it is precisely the fragments of these stories, even before the publication of the first book, that made me an author that someone wants to read.



FS: Let's take a closer look at the above-mentioned novelty - Tales with light and darkness. In the description of the book, we can find that in the publication "Eight different stories, seemingly independent stories, which are intertwined with each other between words." You might expect your second book to be a sequel to The Loop. I think that many of your readers share this feeling with me. Where did the idea and need for short stories come from?

MO: This book started to write by itself. I did not plan it in the so-called inter-Loop time. But as I mentioned above, my readers inspired me to write it. And it became just like that to the people who read me at the beginning in the form of a blog story, a kind of bow. Obviously, it would be wise to write a sequel to a book that sold out first. Sometimes I wonder if I should act reasonably :) But the Stories were written at this point, because that was what my heart told me, not a calculation, which is more profitable.

FS: What can we expect when opening Stories and are the stories still set within the framework of magical realism or have you decided to enter a different literary genre with the story?

MO :   Yes, definitely. The stories are still magical realism. Some of them are more real with the states of the protagonist's inner experiences that enter, let's call it another dimension. Some are more magical and wander towards reality. Only the last of the stories, "The Lady of Everything", is a bit more fantastic, although I still think that it is closer to magic realism, because the whole story can be interpreted on the level of the hero's internal experiences. If I, as the author, were to write without spoiler and in single words what we can find in these stories, they will be:
Beginning and birth, loss and searching, loneliness and longing, parting and rebirth, desire, incompatibility, tearing, denial, finding, reconciliation, annihilation and rebirth from it.



FS: Where was the source of inspiration for the second book? What does Magdalena Ojrzyńska want to tell the reader this time?

MO: My readers were a great inspiration for me to write this book. Messages I received from them. Emotions that I found in their words, pictures, between understatements. Generally, in Stories we can find love, a desire for love, different faces of love and its different dimensions.

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FS: The stories were written during the difficult time of Covid19Pandemic and in the harsh realities of an uncertain economy. Were you not afraid that the current situation would negatively affect the distribution, advertising and reception of your publication?
MO : I was only worried if, during this difficult pandemic time, which had an undoubted impact on the mental condition of many people, they would not be read from the perspective of darkness rather than light emerging from the darkness. As for the economy itself, I didn't want to put this book down, although I was aware how hard it can be. In general, I had the premiere of The Loop just before the first closing. Apart from the publication of the first book, there weren't any of the events I planned, meetings with readers, and no stationary book-related events that I planned to attend. This year, in economic terms, or on a larger scale, is, say, lost, but I decided to publish my second book anyway. Because when the market opens not only on-line, I already have two positions for it, to some extent verified by readers. This makes me a more credible author, because in my own opinion, however, the book did not make me a writer. Not even two make it, but it is always another step in building this term, which means a lot to me and I want to deserve it with talent, hard work and quality represented.



FS: There are many writers on the market who dream of publishing their own book. What tips would you give to people who are embarking on self-publishing?

MO: There are many people on the market who dream of publishing a book. The market offers many opportunities for this, there are publishers that will do it for the author for money. What would I advise. To think it over well, have a patient, determination, a lot of work and a perspective that things can go either way. Good and bad, often hard and painful. It is not an easy path, but if I had been a year ago and had made my decision again, I would have chosen this path anyway. Although I am aware that it may turn out to be only an extremely "expensive" passion.



FS: Please tell me if there is an idea for another book?

MO: There are several ideas, but the next book will definitely be a Loop. Maybe not directly and directly a continuation, because I do not write according to assumptions and definitions. But that's the Loop. When it comes out, I don't know. I will not rush it. Perhaps 2021 will bring two more books, perhaps only one. But this one will definitely be "some" Loop.

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"Loop. Birth ”is a story that I have not met on the publishing market yet.
I am full of admiration for Magdalena Ojrzyńska for the fact that she was able to create something unusual, even modern, which gives the reader a chance to develop their imagination and broaden their horizons.

Agnieszka Nikczyńska-Wojciechowska, @ksiazki_takie_jak_my


The "Loop" leaves - which I personally consider a value - a certain insufficiency in the reader; there is no complete, clear and detailed picture (...). It is an excellent canvas (and almost a ready script) for a film from the so-called open end. Stimulating the recipient to create the fate of the heroes according to their experiences, longings and consolations.
Jolanta Jadowska



I haven't read a book so slowly for a long time. It's been a long time since I focused so much on every word, sentence or character. And finally, it has been a long time since I felt the chills with the book. And Magdalena Ojrzyńska provided me with all of this on just 220 pages. Small - big book ...

@aellirenn about Tales with light and darkness.


Written Tales with Light and Darkness ”is the second book by Magdalena Ojrzyńska, after“ The Loop ”, and at the same time my second encounter with the work of this author. The first one was extremely magical and I can confidently say that the re-contact with her pen was just as wonderful,

like the first time. Magdalena Ojrzyńska charms with words. Her works are just magic ...