K rzysztof Kovalski. Born in 1974. Father and dad of two wonderful people. Scientific mind, physicist by education, financier by experience. Owner of his own company.
Sarcasm is one of my favorite forms of expression. I rebel and push, bend the boundaries, look for gaps in rules, rules and arrangements and use them deliberately.
It took me forty-two years. Living in the cult of mammoth, growing ego, glamor, Sodom and Gomorrah, sleeping and rotting, slow internal rolling down. In the end, space hit me so hard that on August 3, two thousand and sixteen, I woke up "from sleep".
I started to create, put my thoughts on paper, clumsily trying to shape my own thoughts. Thanks to Magda, I believed in myself and I dared to show them to others. I stick to the concept of Love-Courage-Faith. And what I always emphasize, everything I write is just my truth. You don't have to believe me, make your own.