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Maria insisted and apparently got her way. She stated that the story that happened to me was worth sharing. So I will try to present it to you reasonably and clearly, even though writing has never been my horse.


Some of you know - most probably don't - but my passion and obsessive dream is to sing, make music and let someone notice it and listen to it sometimes. And guess what? - someone finally heard and not just anyone!


It all started innocently and as usual with Facebook browsing. And- in one of the groups for would-be musicians - there was a post. The text was short and specific - WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOCALISTS AND SONGWRITERS.  Damn, it's all me! Without one thought, I sent an e-mail to the given address, literally stating that they did not have to look any further, because here I am. I added a link to two of my songs. Of course - as it happens with me - it never occurred to me to read an e-mail address. Because what for. Now all you need to do is copy-paste, so I don't even have to be aware who I am dealing with. Sure it was another e-mail that would hit nothing, I forgot about the subject and went on living without knowing what the fate had planned and who on the other side would read my cheeky e-mail.


It's been 2 or 3 months and I got a reply e-mail - we like the way you sing and we want to make an appointment to discuss the details. Then Radosław makes an appointment unknowingly. The next day Wojtek calls me saying that he is doing a new music project and is looking for young unknown singers to create something cool. That sounds cool. Even too cool. Of course, I agree, we are working on the details of the meeting live in his studio. Piece of cake.. But wait, did he say the name I think he said?

Jabłoński introduced himself ...

Er, probably a popular name, no exaggeration, such calls do not happen. Not me !!!

Or maybe?

I come to the given address a little less impudent, and hell - it's him, Wojtek Jabłoński! That Wojtek, guitarist of Kult, damn it !!! One of the best musicians in the country says hello to me and invites me to his studio because he wants to make music with me. Because he likes the way I sing. And I - the unknown Radek - I'm just sitting in the Kult studio, where all the Kult albums were recorded and talking to myself about what my single will look like !?

This is not happening !!!


But okay.


After the first shock, it turned out that Wojtek is a really cool guy. We had a lot of fun talking and I knew immediately. that I am dealing with a professional musician. And that what we create in this studio will be awesome. And it was so. I created my first single under the watchful eye of Wojtek Jabłoński in Kult studio. I met some cool people and we also made a music video.

Damn, can you feel it !?

Seriously - an adventure of a lifetime and I hope it will be the beginning of something fun.

Of course, I wasn't the only singer on the project. But there were only ten of us from all over Poland! Ten lucky people unknown to anyone. Everyone recorded a single, everyone recorded a music video, and it was all because Wojtek wanted to. Just like that. Nothing more.


You can find more about the iWojtek project on Facebook or YouTube. I recommend. because the singles turned out to be great.


I am sending you a link to my song. Hope you will like it too.


And this is the story of a boy who was bored on Facebook.