There comes a time when you need help. Suddenly you have to write a text! Column. Story. Blog post. Text advertising your services. Article. And you have absolutely no time, or will, or ability. You do not know who to contact, whom to hire, who to ask.


Stop for a moment - this is the place where you will find a group of people ready to help! You will find mindfulness, professional approach and understanding. There are no jobs that are too small, or too big, silly, or too serious. Either way, we got it!

And it's from several dozen zlotys for the order!


Do you need a text in English? Benjamin Norris is the right contractor for your assignment. If English is not your forte, the platform will mediate between you and Benjamin. Calm down. We`ve got it!

Benjamin Norris is a freelance copywriter and creative, producing content for a range of clients in the luxury and arts sectors, like Dior, La Praire or Waitrose.


Available for all your writing needs, from slogans to articles and marketing copy.


Benjamin will bring a unique and noticeable flair to your project that's sure to grab the attention, and highlight your finest features.


Prices begin at €40 per project .


Available seven days per week.


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