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Anna Król, CEO of the WcinAnki brand



WcinAnki was initially supposed to be a brand promoting healthy ... eating. Ania, freelance from Silesia, wanted to share with other balanced nutritional solutions close to her philosophy of life. However, she gave up the culinary initiative and implemented the idea, which became a way of life and a career. She founded a brand in which she not only embodied the idea of "art for people, about people", but also seduced and stimulated the sensitivity and senses of hundreds of admirers of her artistic compilations.

One of the most sensual personalities of the Internet art world. Freelancer, promoter of a healthy lifestyle. Protagonist of contemporary surrealism, creator of an analog intuitive collage, designer, amateur photography, originator, founder, owner and CEO of a dynamically developing original brand from the visual arts sector, WcinAnki.

Anna Król on emotions and her work in an interview for Fourth Son.

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FS: In the initial stage of building the concept for the main thematic profile of WcinAnka, you wanted to talk about the influence of food on human emotions, to which, by the way, you attach great importance in everyday life. Tell me abou this extraordinary transformation of the idea and why you finally put yourself into a collage?

AK : By introducing new eating habits into my kitchen, I have noticed many positive changes. I felt the need to share this knowledge, but I concluded that there are plenty of food blogs. I didn't want to quote the authors of the books, and I didn't have my own original recipes. I wanted something mine. In a colorful magazine I found a beautiful illustration of Ola Morawiak and I remembered about the collage technique. I dug up old magazines, started cutting out and uploading my work to instagram. Thought I'd share my imagination. I wanted to see if I could find people in the Internet abyss who also like to play with their imaginations and different interpretations.


FS: "I like people and I like to share," you say. Are the people around you and their stories your main inspiration in creating your works, or is your art a tunnel through which you pass an image of yourself?

AK :   We are not lonely islands. Other people influence who we are. We are a collection of emotions. I like to observe people, listen to them. Books, movies, songs, art - emotions about emotions. In my works, I talk about what I understand, what I like, what I feel, but also what surprises me, worries me, what I noticed in others, not only at home.



FS: Tell me about the creation process, where do you get inspiration from and how you compose a collage.

AK: I love music but when I cut out I need silence, I like to work in concentration when nothing distracts me - it's just me and my little pieces. I browse the magazines several times, each time I find something different that I had not noticed before.

There are days when I don't compose, I just browse colored pages in search of "treasures", cut out fragments and put them back. The next step is to precisely cut the elements, but I like to leave some unevenness because I want it to show that it is an analog collage.

I like how the picture shows layers of overlapping elements, sometimes an interesting shadow will appear :)

Many artists stick their ready-made compositions, but I don't, because I often reuse my favorite elements.

When I cut out, time ceases to exist, I arrange it, translate it and then photograph it. I noticed that I can see the shortcomings and errors in the composition more clearly in the photo than in the original, I wonder why?

I am constantly moved by the moment when I see my compositions printed in a large format, and it is especially wonderful to see them when they are framed, they take on a completely different dimension, then I feel happiness.



FS: Let's go back to the emotions. You have created a stable social account, where you gently, even sensually, encourage you to share your impressions of receiving your collages. You seduce with art, and the recipients willingly respond by interpreting, reading images and flowing meanders of questions and answers. You put special emphasis not only on contact with the recipient of your art, but also on evoking emotions and sensations in them. Feeling, sharing feelings and arousing feelings seem to be one of the main pillars of not only your work, but also your daily life. Tell us about a very important, key aspect of the WcinAnki brand: sensuality.

AK : You are right, for me it is a very important aspect that has accompanied my work from the very beginning. My goal has always been to stimulate the imagination. I like that my audience perceives my collages through the prism of their feelings and emotions. Often they give titles to my works and add stories to them that I wouldn't even think about.

I appreciate it very much, it turns out that if we only want to, we can communicate with each other in various ways.

FS: You are a specialist in composing an analog face collage, and at the same time a ghost woman, hiding your own face behind your own compositions. "Collages are such a technique that you can hide behind" - you admit during one of the conversations. This space of understatement, consisting in hiding the identity behind the facade of WcinAnka's image, is an interesting aspect of the brand. Tell me where is the concept of the whole assumption and what is the main idea of ​​your action?

AK: WcinAnki are to be in the foreground. Imagination is better released when there are no distractions. Collage is the main character. With great joy I noticed that the ambiguity was starting to get liked. It turned out that my guests on the profile and my clients don't mind that they don't know what I look like.




FS: For the sake of the development of the WcinAnki brand, you gave up your full-time professional job. Quoting Urszula Poszumska from “Freelancing? (...) Employees are looking for more interesting career paths than climbing the ladder in corporations - they are no longer tempted by fruit Tuesdays or a sports card, because they are looking for a job that gives more satisfaction, ensures better harmony between work and private life, guarantees flexibility of work organization, enabling unlimited income. "
How do you evaluate the work of a freelancer through the prism of your own experience? Have you ever regretted your decision? And following the quoted words- in freelance you have found the balance and harmony that you cultivate in your everyday life?


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AK : I once read that if the heart and mind are in harmony - you have to trust yourself. It is true that I am at the beginning of the road, but so many wonderful things have happened in my new life. Our singer, Monika Lidke, who permanently lives and works in London, ordered a collage from me, which she used for the cover of her single. I personally met the great collage designer Aleksandra Morawiak , whom I mentioned earlier. I have created a dozen or so paintings for a couple of art connoisseurs - I am grateful to them that they trusted me. I also designed many personalized collages. I receive a lot of valuable news - from people who thank me, congratulate me and wish me good luck, and today's interview is another proof that i choose the right path. I feel very comfortable in my new job, so far I have not regretted my decision - I like to live in harmony with myself and in the rhythm of the day that I decide myself - it is an interesting experience and I am glad that I took this risk. In choosing my new career path, I was confirmed by the positive reviews of my works, which I created by combining my work with my - then - as I thought, my new hobby.

wcinanki fourth son shop.jpg

FS: You approach each individual order very competently and professionally. From the act of creation to the packaging process. You are a focused perfectionist who cares about building the best quality of the delivered goods. Tell us about the amount of time and work you put into individual projects and orders, and about people who work with the WcinAnki brand.

AK :   From the beginning, I knew if I had customers, I wanted to offer a high quality product. Aleksandra Morawiak helped me a lot. She kindly shared her knowledge. I found myself in a great framing studio, where the Kwieciński family - - approached my works with real empathy. Mr. Mateusz designed a box for shipping my paintings. I meet good and kind people. When designing, as in any creative work, there is no specific time. There are days when I have the impression that the cut pieces are arranged by themselves and there are days when I rework an infinite number of configurations and still do not feel satisfied - but it is not a creative pain but curiosity where I will be led by my imagination. I work with greater stage fright when I get orders for personalized collages. Then I really want the composition to harmonize with the emotions of customers.

FS: You are a person who has found harmony and balance in life. You act focused, calmly and intuitively. But it was not always like that: "A long time ago I was a hypersensitive type and I thought that others were more talented, more interesting, wiser ... I motivated others to change for a long time, I saw how they implemented my advice in their lives and they succeeded ..." What made you finally decide to implement your own advice in your own life, looked at yourself more favorably and set off on the road to success?

AK: I still think there are a lot of talented people - and they do amazingly beautiful things, but I realized that I don't have to compare myself to them. I can show my sensitivity, aesthetics and check if it will find recipients. I have repeated many times: try, do not be afraid, change it, you will find out - one day I heard these phrases more clearly and I wanted to test whether they would also work in my case.

FS : Finding your inner balance is a piece of hard work of mindfulness and consistency, but it is an activity that certainly benefits your private and professional life. Provide some personal advice on how to achieve this precious state, put it into practice and reap fruitful benefits?

AK : Change your diet!

Read, inspire yourself, search.

Avoid people you feel unwell with.

Rest where there is no noise to hear your intuition - trust it.

Do not be afraid!

With small steps, consistently move towards your goal.

fourth son, anna król, wcinanki.jpg

"Creativity is surprising and what he creates deserves the highest recognition"


" It is absolutely beautiful"


"I like to go back to work. Surprisingly, I see the beauty of those that were not necessarily my favorites"


"Lovely. Admire, admire ..."


"Compositions magnetize"


Source: comments on social networks about the WcinAnki brand


"I have a fondness for my earlier compositions, I like to look at them with a" different "eye. Do you know that it is not me who composes? I sit down at the desk and the previously cut pieces find themselves, I only help them."


"I like it when my tiny analog compositions turn into a poster."


-Anna Król, CEO of WcinAnka


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