• Create blog entries

  • Writing articles and columns

  • Ghostwriting
  • Composing advertising content

  • Formulating a review

  • Poster, leaflet, folder and brochure content

  • Preparing materials from briefs

  • Creating newsletters and mailing campaigns

  • Arranging meta descriptions for SEO 

  • Constructing a successful CV graphic and copywriting

  • Offering materials in the following languages: Polish, English

Why should you choose our services? It's that simple - we are word artists. We approach the recipient's needs with empathy, intuitively follow the target market, position with the finesse of words and seduce with a call to action. But don't just take our word for it. Try this magic on your own success.

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Maria is a blogger, copywriter and ghostwriter working with niche companies  substantive. Associated with representatives of brands such as Hertz, Hermes and LG.

She offers a wide range of services, from columns, advertising slogans to content from briefs or a creative CV.

Maria became a professional content provider because, as Earl Nightingale said, "Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm." And that's what she is: an imaginative ninja with an understanding of the market, a sense of humor that makes it​​ you feel a little of that human touch in every job.



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Benjamin Norris is a freelance copywriter and creative, producing content for a range of clients in the luxury and arts sectors, like Dior, La Praire or Waitrose.


Available for all your writing needs, from slogans to articles and marketing copy.


Benjamin will bring a unique and noticeable flair to your project that's sure to grab the attention, and highlight your finest features.


Prices begin at €40 per project .


Available seven days per week.



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Eli Buczyński is a writer, columnist, journalist and blogger.  He published, among others, in Portrait, Inter, Acant, Cegel, and Podlasie Librarian. He is the author of four volumes of poetry, distinguished in national competitions.  

His professional workshop is characterized by a sense of humor, insight and a light pen. which will add unique  nature to your requirements.  The offer covers a wide range of needs, from a literary pen to marketing materials.